Client Success: Taylors Improves Utilization Rates by 15% with Mavenlink

by Mavenlink on Oct 10, 2019

Client Success: Taylors Improves Utilization Rates by 15% with Mavenlink

Taylors Development Strategists is an Australia-based urban planning and civil engineering organization that has worked in urban development, project strategy, and delivery for more than 50 years. Learn how Mavenlink supported Taylors’ international growth and improved utilization rates throughout the organization.

About Taylors

With a network that extends through Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland, and internationally to New Zealand and Indonesia. Taylors strives to explore new frontiers, challenge the industry, and grow the space of groundbreaking project and development activity.

The Challenge

As Taylors grew in size and opened international offices, the company sought to provide team members with the information needed to enable more accountability in delivering projects. Taylors built its own system for project management because the company could not find what it wanted in the market 15 years ago, but as the company grew, the system couldn’t keep up with Taylors’ business requirements. Taylors needed a new solution that would support continued growth and enable workflow control without the limitations and inefficiencies of its homegrown system.

The Switch to Mavenlink

Company growth and business processes that relied on coordination between multiple offices in different countries led Taylors to Mavenlink. Critical project management functionality, including effective project reporting, multi-office collaboration, and strong integration capabilities, topped Taylors list of requirements . “We feel like we can grow with Mavenlink,” said Richard Cirillo, Managing Director at Taylors.

The Results

  • Overall utilization rates improved by 15%
  • Improved global collaboration
  • In-depth insights into project targets and utilization
  • Consistent company-wide timesheet entry

Read the entire success story here.

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