Client Success: Scale My Empire Triples Project Margins With Mavenlink

by Mavenlink on May 14, 2018

Client Success: Scale My Empire Triples Project Margins With Mavenlink

Scale My Empire (SME) was founded on the idea that the key to small business success is the implementation of the right systems. Find out how Mavenlink helped Scale My Empire triple project margins.

Who is Scale My Empire?

Officially launched in 2017, founder Scott Gellatly knew from inception that the IT services company would need to build their business around the ideal technology stack. “I have witnessed a pattern occurring again and again—without proper systems in place, it’s hard to get past the first few million in revenue. You will end up doing twice the amount of work, only to find that you have to scale back down. You have to make your systems work for you when you want to scale.”

The Challenge

From the beginning, SME experienced success, with significant revenue growth and a host of new clients. However, founder Scott Gellatly knew that the real metric necessary for scale was great margins. Before Mavenlink, they lacked a platform to underpin the business, which was causing operational challenges and leading to avoidable, margin-cutting mistakes.

The Shift to Mavenlink

With Mavenlink, Scott could immediately see how the platform was going to help him open the black box of his business. It had all the project control features that he wanted: he could forecast resources, easily view budgets versus actuals, and rate cards. However, it was Mavenlink’s robust reporting capabilities that really blew him away.

The Results
  • Tripled project margins
  • Increased projects delivered on-budget from 20% to 90%
  • Improved decision making and operational execution
Read the entire success story to learn more
about Scale My Empire and Mavenlink!


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